There are some shops designed to make trend and customize your home with style…

“I SASTRA” is one of them

“I SASTRA” was born from the ALEX DONSANTI’s passion who has a special feeling for the refinement of colonial furniture. His dedication drives him around the world selecting personally each component to ensure the quality, originality and elegance of all the products.


Visiting the “I SASTRA”’s shops you will have the feeling to make a pleasant walk among ancient trunks, original bookcases, mirrors, furniture and tables communicating you the desire to transform and enrich your environments.


In our stores you will find a wide range of colonial style proposals, unique items perfectly placed in a classic and modern environments lying in a space in perfect harmony with other environment details.


Not colonial furniture only … in order to meet the different styles, “I SASTRA” has extended its research through Europe (London, Paris ..) and Africa (Morocco, South Africa ..) taking opportunities from new styles to obtain success.

In this way we are sure to offer you original opportunities for a great gift or a small present. Moreover our great experience in direct import activities (over twenty years), allows you to have the best with a cheaper price.

“I SASTRA” shall also include: wedding lists, furniture restoration, renovation, design and realization of complete furnishing (apartments/cottages/hotels).

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